Our Process

How We Work?



This consultation period explains how our company works and what options are available to you. We start by laying down all the basic guidelines, limitations, visions, and timeline. We work with your space and plans and come up with a “gameplan” that will be benefit your budget and exceed all FF&E brand standards.


To provide you with the most competitive proposal, we must conduct an analysis of your project and conduct any Takeoffs, study any FF&E spec sheets/guidelines. Once all quantities are identified, our team produces a matrix specific to your project. Finally, we will present to you an in-depth and thorough presentation and proposal for your consideration.




Analyze and confirm the product and their specs will fit your interior setting. Modify to any existing limitations and use appropriate brand and local guidelines, such as ADA and interior designer recommendations.


Our in-house design team masterfully balances practicality, style, longevity and durability, ensuring your hotel adheres to all codes, regulations and franchise requirements. A hotel’s interior design is a key part of your business, and vital to setting you apart from the competition.




Engage the design team to conduct individual line drawings for each product item. Detailing all the specifications, colors, materials, dimensions and locations. This portion of the project is the most important and needs to be studied and discussed multiple times, to ensure all items are to the buyer’s liking and flows well with the room and the rest of the furniture.


Optional Process of presenting a Model Room and/or delivering the model room to brand design teams and owners. Sometimes, to get the best visualizations, you must see the actual products in the space you are imagining. We can make your thoughts and dreams come true!




This portion of the project involves manufacturing based upon the line drawings and “Gameplan” that was discussed at early stages. All materials are brought in and the team is ready to produce your final product. Our team of project managers will work on each project and visit the factories on a regular basis to ensure a smooth process. All accessories and additional products will be ordered and brought to the factories. Once the first batch of products are completed, our Quality Control team will work on inspecting all aspects of the project. We will put all items on a rigorous test, to ensure it meets our standards and make sure the products are durable and operational. Constant Quality Control is an ongoing process in our manufacturing process and will continue until the products are boxed and shipped to your property.


We will manage logistics across multiple vendors so you can focus on running your hotel. Our procurement team works with the logistics team to coordinate shipping and delivery of your selections and ensure your time constraints are met. We have long relations with the top leading shipping companies both international and domestic.




Even after your products are delivered and installed, we will work with vendors on your behalf to resolve any product quality issues that arise. Additionally, we can easily place re-orders according to the specs of your past purchases. We will be there during the entire process of your project and even after it ends.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

Drop a line for us if you have any queries. We will be in touch with you shortly.